Weddings/Galas/Special Events

Are you planning a vintage era event with Speakeasy, Prohibition, or Great Gatsby vibes and are trying to figure out how to make it original, memorable, and fun as hell? Tongue in Cheek Jazz Band is the perfect band for you!

Tongue in Cheek not only performs historically accurate jazz from 1900s to the 1950’s, they are experts at helping you make your guests feel like they have been transported back in time. From our clothing, to our mannerisms, to the songs we play, everything will scream that 1920’s vibe and your guests will just be so thrilled you found us.

Besides live music we also offer the services of our personal dance team, burlesque troop, cocktail servers, and wait staff. If you want every piece of your event to have that cool vintage vibe, we can provide it!

Where We Play: Central to Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond, and Philadelphia but we travel all over the world


Pricing is all-inclusive with no hidden fees: including tax, insurance, sound systems, and complimentary basic DJ services. Our rates are flexible and we are happy to work within your budget to make your dream come alive. Please don’t hesitate to ask, no job is too small!

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